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Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile
Albert Einstein
Recycling Waste
Green Package
Waste Sorting
Extended Producer Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Reverse Vending Machines
Separate Waste Collection
Green Office


Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile
Albert Einstein
Constantin Rzaev
EcoPartners Group of Companies, Managing Director
Not everything that we do at EcoPartners Group of Companies is profitable: many projects are focused on achieving long-term goals of sustainable development of our economy, society and country.

Our strength lies in versatility. Our Group unites several business units that are ready to provide an integrated approach from collection to the creation of new things from recycled waste. We offer not only recycling, but more: education, innovation and sustainable development.
EcoPartners Group of Companies
Tver Polymer Recycling Plant
Russian wide operator in recycling and effective solutions in consumer waste sorting
EcoPartners Group of Companies has its own recycling and production facilities. Since 2005, we have been developing projects in the field of processing waste. Since 2009, we have been manufacturing waste sorting equipment and containers for the separate collection of waste and municipal solid waste

We became the initiators and participants of such federal programs as "Separate with Us", "Kind Caps", "Separate correctly", providing infrastructure for separate waste collection and carrying out collection, transportation and recycling
We recycle plastic packaging waste
At our own plant in Tver we process 25,000 tons of plastic packaging waste per year: bottles, vials, boxes, films. Building materials, polyester fiber, non-woven materials are made from the obtained secondary raw materials. For 15 years, the processing capacity of the plant has grown 9 times and now continues to grow

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We manufacture waste collection containers and equipment for the industry
Since 2009, we have put into operation 60 waste sorting complexes and waste transfer stations of our own production. Our 20,000 containers for separated and mixed waste are located in 130 Russian cities: from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Murmansk, from Cherepovets to Dagestan

We can help your company achieve sustainable development goals
Together with BUD, we created the world's first recycled plastic soccer field. Together with Coca-Cola, we collected 90,000 tons of waste throughout Russia. Together with McDonald's, we launched a separate collection of waste in 14 objects

If it seems to you that your environmental initiative cannot be implemented yet, contact us. We will find a solution together and be the first to succeed
Contact us
7, Bolshoi Strochenovskiy per., Moscow, Russia
+7 (499) 490-12-69

Tver Polymer Recycling Plant
1, Gagarin square, Tver, Russia
+7 4822 39-44-96
14, Ostashkovskoe highway, Rzhev, Russia
+7 4822 49-46-75
Message from Senior Management Team
Dear Partners, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Investors and Lenders – all our Friends without whom EcoTechnologies would never become a successful Company and leader in waste management!

We always remember that we owe our success to cooperation with you. Whether it sounds mercenarily or not – this always makes us perfect ourselves and think each day about what else we can do for you, for the market we operate on and for the country we live in.

Our work is not flawless, however this has never been and never will be because of malintent – it is simply because we are growing rapidly and constantly crave for reaching for more, which is impossible without mistakes. We are sincerely grateful to all who forgave and will forgive us this imperfection and – in word and in deed – thank for your loyalty and patience, even though it might mean losses for us in a particular situation.
It is crucially important for us that everybody knows, understands and believes that EcoTechnologies is a business organization that came on a market seriously and for the long haul, that we always put as the first priority the needs of our customers, employees and Russia in a future of which we believe.

Everything we do is aimed at accomplishment of our Mission: creation in Russia modern and effective waste management, that guarantee us and our children life in clean, safety and amazingly beautiful country, and as a whole, attainment of a Company's status our country and employees can be proud of.

We express our inmost gratitude and respect to all who cooperates with EcoTechnologies in Russia and other countries, to our dear employees and to all who lives and works faithfully for a good cause of our industry and our country.
Green Office
Those who ask for changes should begin with themselves.

People often hear this maxim when they are asked if it is possible to change attitude to waste in Russia, to clean our streets and forests or to make separate waste collection work.

We believe that the easiest way to begin with is to make your own office or factory "green".

Our extensive experience in Green Office implementation teaches that applying your efforts to only three activities you can improve your performance by up to 90%. These areas are:
  1. Staff education
  2. Separate collection and transportation of waste
  3. Introduction of up-to-date office technologies in office lighting, water consumption and catering etc.

The above mentioned measures need a low budget, but may soon become economically effective as a result of correct and subsequent implementation. What is also important – in 99 cases out of 100 the transition to "Green Office" stimulates a considerable involvement and loyalty of the staff.
Green Package
As the trend towards sustainability continues, the demand for sustainable packaging solutions grows. Involvement of secondary raw materials and increasing the recyclability of packaging are becoming part of an internal strategy. Eco-friendly packaging is a guarantee of customer loyalty and an important competitive advantage. By improving the environmental performance of packaging, manufacturers are contributing to tackling environmental pollution and supporting the development of the recycling industry.

Our experts can help you find more sustainable packaging alternatives and improve the recyclability of your existing packaging:
  • Analysing packaging for recyclability matrix
  • Variety of more sustainable alternatives
  • Tests of your packaging for recyclability at our processing plant
  • Communication for consumers to ensure collection of packaging for recycling
  • Collection of your packaging through collection points, waste sorting complexes and together with partners in retail
Recycling Waste
Tver Polymers Recycling Plant (TPRP) started operating in November 2005 and today is Russia leading PET and PE recycler. The total volume of processing of landfill and industrial waste PET and polyethylene is more than 25,000 tons.

We have set a goal to use solid municipal solid waste (MSW) efficiently and prove the attractiveness and effectiveness of recycling business in Russia on our own example. Our products manufactured from post-consumer plastics will reduce the load on the landfills and satisfy the demand of our consumers by allowing them to manufacture goods in a cheaper way and in the required volume.

TPRP in numbers in 2020:
  • about 80 million plastic bottles get a second life every month
  • almost 20,000 tons of recycled polymers — finished product output
  • more than 200 active suppliers of secondary raw materials
  • more than 70 regions where waste comes from
  • about 60 consumers using our finished products to produce new quality goods
  • more than 350 employees work in 3 shifts

    For more details, see TPRP website
    Environmental Education
    Education is an integral part of any eco-project. Educational activities are important not only in communication with consumers, but also with company employees who are directly involved in the implementation of internal sustainable development programs.

    Environmental education programs help to shatter myths, build a team, and even reduce the financial cost of waste disposal. We offer a variety of environmental education activities:
    • lectures and webinars
    • ecological marathons with tests, checklists and prizes for active participants
    • game mechanics in the mobile application and in social networks
    • eco-lessons for schools and ecological quests for children
    • workshops on waste sorting and upcycling
    • excursions to processing plants, sorting and eco-centers
    • tree planting and plogging runs

    Reverse Vending Machines
    Together with the Green Dog company, EcoPartners Group is developing the largest network of reverse vending machines in 10 regions of the Russian Federation. We are one of the few manufacturers in Russia who provides a comprehensive proposal for the installation of reverse vending machines. Our group of companies undertakes the entire cycle from the production of the device to the recycling of waste and the creation of new products at our own plant in Tver.

    BottleBank™ reverse vending machines are produced at Green Dog plant (St. Petersburg) and JSC RzhevMash (Tver region). At the moment, the current volume of orders is fully completed at the site of the Green Dog, the first Russian manufacturer of reverse vending machines.

    Today, devices for collecting packaging from the population are installed in the retail chains "Pyaterochka", "Perekrestok", "Karusel", "Magnit", as well as in the offices and at the filling stations of Tatneft.
    Our experts will help to increase the recyclability of product packaging, build a green brand or develop the right communication during the launch of an eco-project. An integrated approach will help to avoid unnecessary expenses and increase the transparency of the project for consumers:
    • Developing a roadmap for your business
    • Analyzing the best practices in order to offer a solution to your environmental issue
    • Reliable partners for the provision of environmental services throughout Russia
    • Recommendations on how to design a green office or improve the environmental friendliness of an existing office
    Waste Sorting
    Less than 10% of total solid municipal waste (SMW) in Russia is sorted and recycled; over 15 million tons annually of useful materials are dumped at landfills.

    Established in 2007, the RZHEVMASH enterprise set itself the goal of providing those who decided to link their lives with MSW sorting with high-quality equipment to achieve business results.

    RZHEVMASH develops and manufactures equipment for the accumulation, sorting and processing of MSW: waste sorting complexes, waste transfer stations, presses, compactors, screens and containers for waste collection. Our equipment is known on the market under the Ecomechanika™ trademark and is designed specifically for Russian operating conditions.

    RZHEVMASH in numbers:
    • more than 20,000 containers and waste bins are used in more than 30 regions of Russi
    • more than 60 waste sorting complexes and transfer stations have been built and operated by our customers since 2009
    • 14 hectares of plant area, 20,000 m2 of production and storage facilities
    • about 200 employees
    Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
    One of the missions of EcoPartners Group of Companies is to convince socially responsible companies that independent realization of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in Russia is possible and to facilitate establishment of new waste management infrastructure (or at least to improve the existing one).

    EcoPartners Group of Companies has all the expertise and know-how needed today for the successful EPR projects development:
    • Wide infrastructure for waste collection, being developed since 2005
    • A network of waste collection partners throughout Russia
    • More than 200 active suppliers of secondary raw materials from all over the country
    • Our own processing capacities and machine building premises
    • Over 60 waste sorting complexes supplying us with secondary raw materials on a regular basis

    We directly participate in evaluating new legislative documents and due to this we are fully versed in all the necessary legal nuances as to EPR responsibilities. And we suggest only those solutions in which we are 100% sure.

    EcoTechnologies group also includes a non-commercial organization (NCO) «RusVtorPlast» whose purpose is to unite progressive plastic waste processors and to develop this industrial segment in Russia to an extent when it is able to produce secondary polymers of adequate quality.

    Since 2017, together with our partners, we have been proving that when implementing EPR projects, you can achieve goals within the framework of corporate social responsibility, PR & GR, increase employee engagement and even optimize the procurement of services in the field of waste management.
    Separate Waste Collection
    The right way often is the most difficult one – that is exactly about segregated waste collection (SWC). Millions people across the world sort waste only because someone had once mixed them. Russia, on one hand, is now behind many countries in terms of waste sorting attitude, but on the other hand has a unique opportunity now to use some 40 years of experience (both bitter and successful) of developed countries to start applying the most successful processes and technologies at once.

    Being the largest recycler of plastic waste in Russia we are strategically interested SWC development in our country and we understand that this is not a matter of just one or even few years. That is why we contribute our experience, time and financial resources joining our efforts with people and organizations who cares for environment protection all over Russia and believe that one day SWC will become an integral part of our ecological culture.

    Our work within SWC development includes efforts as follows:

    • Informational, educational and financial support of volunteers and other initiative groups who target SWC in schools, universities, towns etc
    • Guarantees of collected waste off-take at maximum market prices
    • Technical support (providing bins, presses, containers etc.)
    • Educational events (seminars in universities, eco-lessons in schools, exhibiting products made of recycled materials)
    • Managing SWC projects (e.g. facilitation of connection to local waste collecting & transport companies, authorities, recyclers).
    To facilitate SWC movement our Rzhev plant had started garbage bins and containers manufacturing in 2015. In many cases we adopt their design and functionality upon exact trucks and equipment models used for waste removal and transportation which helps us to establish more workable contacts and facilitate new projects.
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Since 2016, we have been implementing Corporate Social Responsibility programs together with our partners. The main task is, together with companies, to regularly make voluntary contributions to the development of the social and environmental sphere of society. Thanks to our industry expertise, we offer the implementation of the most relevant projects in the regions where the company's divisions are present.

    Possible directions of projects:
    - increasing the collection and recyclability of packaging
    - reducing the impact of the company's production waste on the environment
    - development of corporate volunteering and volunteering in the field of ecology
    - implementation of both long-term projects in the field of Zero Waste and temporary events
    - increasing environmental awareness of employees and consumers
    - carrying out subbotniks and other environmental actions
    - the formation of environmental awareness among schoolchildren and students
    - introduction of green office and green procurement principles

    All projects are aimed at achieving synergy between business, company employees and the local community in the field of environmental protection and the development of the company's green brand.
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