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Transportation and sorting of MSWBack
Transportation and sorting of MSW / processing of waste - these are the tasks that need specific expertise, special equipment and machinery. That is why this job can be done only by certified companies with respective licences and experience.

«Sphere of Ecology» company was one of the first in Russia to offer on a system basis legitimate and high quality solutions in separate transportation of waste collected separately. It also provides professional services in transportation and sorting of waste before recycling. These services are extended within the frameworks of EcoTechnology Group.

As the largest consumer of plastic waste we cooperate with hundreds of waste transportation companies across the country, developing with them local projects on collecting and sorting of MSW material and on separate collection. We are also heavily involved in social projects.

Actually in all Russian regions – from the City of Smolensk in the West to the Lake Baikal in the East – we are able in cooperation with a verified local partner to offer services in MSW sorting and additional treatment of separately collected waste. Transportation in such cases is done by a local licenced company that as a rule is also our partner.

As an additional and often sought for service we can provide equipment for the infrastructure that allows cutting down expenditure on transportation and utilization of waste (presses, bunkers, press-compactors etc.)

And of course while cooperating on transportation we always propose to our partners to make use of our extended expertise in total waste management – from separated collecting to its re-use.