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Those who ask for changes should begin with themselves.

People often hear this maxim when they are asked if it is possible to change attitude to waste in Russia, to clean our streets and forests or to make separate waste collection work.

We believe that the easiest way to begin with is to make your own office or factory “green”.

What do we mean here? Of course not the imaginative and inconvenient solutions like paperless toilets, but the concrete measures that are easy to implement and support.

Our extensive experience in Green Office implementation teaches that applying your efforts to only three activities you can improve your performance by up to 90 per cent. These areas are:
  1. Staff education
  2. Separate collection and transportation of waste
  3. Introduction of up-to-date office technologies in office lighting, water consumption and catering etc.

The above mentioned measures need a low budget, but may soon become economically effective as a result of correct and subsequent implementation. What is also important – in 99 cases out of 100 the transition to “Green Office” stimulates a considerable involvement and loyalty of the personnel.

Our experience in Green Office implementation exceeds 7 years. We are prepared to share it with those of you who have decided to «begin with yourself».