The Russia wide operator in recycling
and effective solutions in consumer waste sorting

EcoTechnologies – group of companies which has been successfully developing projects in sorting, recycling and segregated waste collection as well as social educational programs since 2005. EcoTechnologies is a part of ProPartners group.


Dear Partners, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Investors
and Lenders – all our Friends without whom EcoTechnologies
would never become a successful Company
and leader in waste management!

We always remember that we owe our success to cooperation with you. Whether it sounds mercenarily or not – this always makes us perfect ourselves and think each day about what else we can do for you, for the market we operate on and for the country we live in.

Our work is not flawless, however this has never been and never will be because of malintent – it is simply because we are growing rapidly and constantly crave for reaching for more, which is impossible without mistakes. We are sincerely grateful to all who forgave and will forgive us this imperfection and – in word and in deed – thank for your loyalty and patience, even though it might mean losses for us in a particular situation.
It is crucially important for us that everybody knows, understands and believes that EcoTechnologies is a business organization that came on a market seriously and for the long haul, that we always put as the first priority the needs of our customers, employees and Russia in a future of which we believe.

Everything we do is aimed at accomplishment of our Mission: creation in Russia modern and effective waste management, that guarantee us and our children life in clean, safety and amazingly beautiful country, and as a whole, attainment of a Company’s status our country and employees can be proud of.

We express our inmost gratitude and respect to all who cooperates with EcoTechnologies in Russia and other countries, to our dear employees and to all who lives and works faithfully for a good cause of our industry and our country.

Senior Managers Team, EcoTechnologies