The Russia wide operator in recycling
and effective solutions in consumer waste sorting

Tver Polymers Recycling Plant (TPRP) started operating in November 2005 and today is Russia leading PET and PE recycler.
The total scope of recycling municipal and industrial plastic waste as of 2015Y end was over 1500 tons monthly.
We have set a goal to use solid municipal solid waste (MSW) efficiently and prove the attractiveness and effectiveness of recycling business in Russia on our own example. Our products manufactured from post-consumer plastics will reduce the load on the landfills and satisfy the demand of our consumers by allowing them to manufacture goods in a cheaper way and in the required volume.
In 2016-2018 the following expansion are being completed:

  • PET recycling to 2000 tons monthly, polyester fiber processing up to 500mt monthly
  • HDPE & LDPE recycling will up to 1000 tons monthly, compounding for special applications up to 300 tons monthly
  • Recycling and compounding of polypropylene kick-off in 2017 up to 200 tons monthly.

For more details, see TPRP website.