The Russia wide operator in recycling
and effective solutions in consumer waste sorting

The right way often is the most difficult one – that is exactly about segregated waste collection (SWC). Millions people across the world sort waste only because someone had once mixed them. Russia, on one hand, is now behind many countries in terms of waste sorting attitude, but on the other hand has a unique opportunity now to use some 40 years of experience (both bitter and successful) of developed countries to start applying the most successful processes and technologies at once.
Being the largest recycler of plastic waste in Russia we are strategically interested SWC development in our country and we understand that this is not a matter of just one or even few years. That is why we contribute our experience, time and financial resources joining our efforts with people and organizations who cares for environment protection all over Russia and believe that one day SWC will become an integral part of our ecological culture.
Our work within SWC development includes efforts as follows:

  • Informational, educational and financial support of volunteers and other initiative groups who target SWC in schools, universities, towns etc
  • Guarantees of collected waste off-take at maximum market prices
  • Technical support (providing bins, presses, containers etc.)
  • Educational events (seminars in universities, eco-lessons in schools, exhibiting products made of recycled materials)
  • Managing SWC projects (e.g. facilitation of connection to local waste collecting & transport companies, authorities, recyclers).

To facilitate SWC movement our Rzhev plant had started garbage bins and containers manufacturing in 2015. In many cases we adopt their design and functionality upon exact trucks and equipment models used for waste removal and transportation which helps us to establish more workable contacts and facilitate new projects.

SWC projects are coordinated by Moscow office of EcoTechnologies. To share your proposals please send short letter to with the indication «SWC» in the subject and leave your contact info in the letter – we guarantee the feedback within three days.