The Russia wide operator in recycling
and effective solutions in consumer waste sorting

‘If everyone would sweep their own doorstep, the whole world will be clean” - said Mother Theresa.
And if not us, then who should make first steps to change our life for better tomorrow through love and caring attitude to nature, efficient and smart utilization of rapidly growing waste volumes, through relevant education and upbringing.
Certain part of what we do today does not generate any profit - many projects initially aim at very long-term goals of sustainable growth of our society, country and economy, to which our Company is also a part.

Waste management industry has been our “home” market for 11 years and thus we do our best to support useful and caring initiatives, ideas, projects, events in environment protection and efficient waste recycling. We offer flexible payment terms to buyers of our equipment and share with them our experience and knowledge, we provide expertise to authorities and law-makers, develop educational programs together with universities and schools. We support industry newcomers and, finally, never leave our garbage in forest after picnic.

If you are with us – give us a call, visit our offices and plants, let us meet each other and think about possible synergy. EcoTechnologies is strong and successful Company but together we will be even stronger.