The Russia wide operator in recycling
and effective solutions in consumer waste sorting

EcoTechnologies started to develop «Zero Waste to landfill» concept in Russia in 2014.
Together with our customers who strive to minimize volume of their waste (both from offices and factories) to get dumped to landfills we think how to optimize collection, sorting and further utilization of waste.
Within this concept our Tver Polymers Recycling Plant is final and direct customer of plastic waste and EcoMechanics supplies necessary equipment (bins, presses, sorting units) produced at our Rzhev plant.

“Zero Waste” does not necessarily mean recycling of 100% of your waste - by this expression we mean at least our careful attitude towards nature understanding that our waste will rather be recycled than end up in gutter or forest near your summer house. That’s why many projects are started with simple educational poster and several waste bins.
Also, ZW is not necessarily another line of cost for you - significant part of office and industrial waste is useful and is purchased by us at market prices.
Each success story within Zero Waste initiatives gives new experience and helps us to work out most optimal and reasonable frame of efforts and technics as well as to achieve visible positive changes together with our ZW partners. One always has to start with something!

Development and implementation of ZW concept is responsibility of Moscow Office of EcoTechnologies.To share your proposals please send letter to with subject «Zero Waste» and leave you contacts – we guarantee our feedback within three days.