Separate Waste Collection 2022

‘EcoHouse’ opening

Every kilogram of waste given up gets citizens cashback. Such a promotion will certainly raise the citizens’ engagement in ecology and gift a second life to more waste.
Anyone can take their PET bottles, newspapers and magazines, aluminum cans and over 10 other waste types to the EcoPoint. Every type of waste has its own recycling value, which you can learn right at the spot, located at 101 Oktyabrskiy avenue next to ‘Globus’ supermarket.
This is the very first time such a facility has been open in Tver Oblast. The EcoPoint was built at our construction plant ‘RzhevMash’. The plastic waste from both the EcoPoint and containers located all over the town will be sent to Tver Polymers Recycling Plant for recycling.
This is not the first time TSAH collaborates with EcoTechnologies; this time, we truly hope that the EcoPoint will be a turning point in making waste separation accessible and exciting for Tver citizens. Years of our cooperation has brought Tver to a number three spot in the list of Russian cities with the highest growth in waste separation in 2020.