Conferences 2023

Konstantin Rzaev discusses the prospects and hurdles of the recycling issue at RosUpack 2023

From June 6 to 9, the RosUpack 2023 exhibition took place, marking the largest event in the packaging industry.
As part of the business programming, Konstantin Rzaev, Managing Partner of the EcoPartners group of companies, participated in the session "Bury Not, Recycle. Prospects and Directions for the Development of Packaging Waste Collection and Recycling in Russia." The discussion involved top managers from EcoLine, PPK REO, SIBUR Holding, EcoNiva, and other industry representatives.

The participants discussed the possibilities of separate collection, sorting, and recycling of compostable packaging, as well as organic waste in general. Konstantin Rzaev noted that while it is possible to implement this, it can only be achieved in the long term, as the infrastructure is currently lacking.

Additionally, the issue of the "List of 28" was addressed—these are 28 items of goods and packaging whose production may face restrictions or bans due to difficulties in collection and/or recycling. Konstantin emphasized the importance of making decisions based on experimental evidence and comparing the recyclability of different types of packaging, rather than immediately imposing bans.

EcoPartners had a stand at the event, showcasing samples of products produced by our Tver Polymers Recycling Plant.