Separate Waste Collection 2021

Organized plogging for Shell

A race with obstacles, or rather "finds" - plogging, can be an excellent option for a corporate event. And these are not just words, we have proved it in practice!

In three Moscow parks: Timiryazevsky, Moskvoretsky and Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo, on May 21, our company organized a race with waste collection. Plogging was carried out for Shell employees. As a result, we collected 24 bags of waste, 35 liters each.

During plogging, people came up to the runners and said, "thank you", and someone even asked to take a picture with our participants.

After plogging, we told Shell employees how important it is to collect waste, since much of the collected - metal, glass, and plastic bottles - can become raw materials for new goods, and not decompose for centuries in the beautiful parks of Moscow.

In one day, we made three parks a little cleaner at once. And the participants who collected the most waste received badges made of recycled plexiglass as a gift.