Environmental Education 2022

A Gift for Museum of Packaging

To mark the museum’s reopening, EcoTechnologies has sent a gift set of products made from recycled materials, including:
-          A small mesh container for caps collection
-          A plastic shopping basket  
-          A plastic tray
-          Kids’ book about waste and responsible consumption
-          Samples of the many stages of recycling: flakes, granules, agglomerate and the final product.

The props are meant to showcase the ways in which old packaging can be used for production of brand new goods, thereby highlighting the importance of waste separation. All the goods that have been produced as part of various EcoTechnologies’ projects are those we use on a daily basis in our lives.
EcoTechnologies and Museum of Packaging have been partners for a long time, spanning years of our team doing seminars, workshops and contest for kids at the Museum.