A ramp made of recycled plastic installed in a school in Nizhnekamsk

A ramp made of recycled plastic has been installed in Nizhnekamsk School No. 18 for children with disabilities. The project was implemented by EcoTechnologies with the support of SIBUR's "Formula of Good Deeds" social investment program.
As part of the project, Bottle Bank machines for accepting plastic bottles and vials were installed in four educational institutions in Nizhnekamsk.

The collected recyclables are given a second life after recycling and serve as materials for the production of useful infrastructure. At the same time, collection participants are rewarded with BottleCoin points, which can be exchanged for advantageous offers (discounts, bonuses, promotions) from loyalty program partners, including local ones.
Recycling collection began in July 2023 and will continue until the end of the school year in May. In five months of operation, more than 3,200 bottles have been returned to the fandomats. This amount represents approximately 100-110 kilograms of plastic. The leader in the number of plastic bottles accepted for recycling was the boarding school ¹ 24, which collected more than 2 thousand containers.

Nizhnekamsk School for Children with Disabilities ¹18 was chosen to install the first ramp made of recycled plastic in Nizhnekamsk. The ramp with handrails will help children to cross the stairs to the school independently without parental assistance.
"The ramp solves a number of problems related to the mobility of our students. Children and parents are satisfied, now it is easier for them to move around," commented Minzelia Yamasheva, Director of School #18.
"The project meets the main criterion of accessibility of the environment so that children could visit all objects of school infrastructure without hindrance", - said Lilia Antonova, deputy head of the Social Protection Department of the city of Nizhnekamsk.
The surface of the ramp is made of polymer-sand composite. The total mass contains more than 40% of recycled plastic. In addition, the production and use of the material does not produce dust or toxic fumes. The service life of the product is more than 50 years, and the polymer-sand composite itself can be further recycled. Approximately 100 kilograms of recycled plastic were required to produce the ramp. The benefits of the project for the city's ecology were emphasized by Kamilla Sabirova, coordinator of the environmental movement "Will be clean" in Nizhnekamsk.
"Our initiative supports the development of an inclusive environment with the smallest ecological footprint of its production. The use of recycled plastic reduces the consumption of primary resources and materials. We wanted to implement a circular project that would benefit both people and the environment," said Elena Snezhko, head of the Good Deeds Formula program.
SIBUR's social investment program "Good Deeds Formula" was launched on February 1, 2016 in all major cities where the company operates and is implemented in seven areas covering the main public spheres: urban development, education and science, sports and healthy lifestyle, environmental protection, culture, integration and volunteering. More information about the program is available at

"EcoTechnologies" implements innovative eco-projects for companies. It is part of the EcoPartners group of companies, which is developing the circular economy in Russia and unites the TotalCycle waste recycling plant, the RzhevMash plant for the production of waste sorting equipment, EcoTechnologies, and the Bottle Bank chain of fandomats.