Environmental Education 2022

A Sustainable Development Olympiad at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

The annual Olympiad at Russian University of Economics took place on April 28. The topic this year was ESG - Sustainable Development. Our experts helped create tasks for the first stage of the Olympiad, and Nina Ilyina, our eco-enlightenment specialist, was a part of assessment team for the final round.

Students from all over Russia and ex-USSR sent their projects to be considered as a part of the Olympiad. The participants studied the market of the given customer, ways of communication with consumers, explored the creative aspect of the project and the impact on the business’ ESG criteria.

''Students have a much wider outlook on ESG. Younger specialists, as opposed to us, have just immersed themselves in it and therefore are unfamiliar with our routine barriers. That is an advantage that aids them in creating something truly revolutionary'', says Nina Ilyina.