Separate Waste Collection 2021

Collected 615 kg of waste on the Black Sea coast

On May 3, volunteers of the "Clean Environment" movement and the EcoTechnology company, with the support of the RusPRO Association, organized an ecological "general cleaning" of the Black Sea coast near the village of Novomikhaylovsky at Tuapse region. The action was attended by 37 caring residents of the Krasnodar Territory. Together they cleared the shore of 615 kg of plastic waste, broken glass, and other debris.

The collected waste will be recycled and will never end up in the sea. 35.2 kg of plastic bottles and 25.2 kg of glass from the collected waste have already been sorted, sent for recycling and will be used for the production of new goods.

The ecological "general cleaning" of the coast was carried out within the framework of the federal private project "Eco Answer", which is being implemented by the "RusPRO" Association together with partners in 11 regions of Russia. The goal of the project is to ensure the separate collection, sorting, and processing of more than 100 thousand tons of packaging waste through environmental campaigns, development of infrastructure for the separate collection and processing of waste on site.

The federal private project "EcoOtvet" is aimed at developing the separate collection and recycling of packaging waste. EcoResponse will help Russia build a circular economy, ensure the disposal of more than 500 thousand tons of waste per year and the use of the resulting recyclable materials to produce environmentally friendly packaging. The largest producers of food and consumer goods in Russia, such as PepsiCo, Coca-Cola HBC Russia, Danone, Tetra Pak, Unilever, Nestlé, became the inspiration and initiators of the Eco Answer project.

Text provided by the Krasnodar Regional Public Organization for Assistance to Environmental Protection "Clean Environment."