Reverse Vending Machines 2021

Our reverse vending machines at the Sberbank office in Khabarovsk

Our reverse vending machinesBottleBank ™ Press was installed in the Sberbank office in Khabarovsk.

This is the first eco-office for the city, built using "green" technologies, 25% of the materials used in construction are recycled materials. This is the first reverse vending machine for collecting plastic bottles in the Far East. The geography of our reverse vending machines network is expanding rapidly!

Now employees and visitors will be returning plastic bottles labeled "1" PET for recycling right at the bank office. All collected secondary raw materials will be recycled.

The device is installed at the address Khabarovsk, st. Vorovskogo, 21, Sberbank office. You can find the addresses of our other devices on the website

In addition to plastic, you can return batteries, aluminum cans, glass bottles and wastepaper at the bank office, as well as expired bank cards. More information about Sberbank's eco-initiatives can be found at