EcoPartners opens TotalCycle, an innovative industrial complex in Tver

TotalCycle is a unique complex in Tver that combines the largest plastic packaging recycling plant with a significant educational, informational, and research eco-space.
At the official opening on September 27, high-ranking government officials, members of the Legislative Assembly, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Tver Region, the Tver Administration, SIBUR, and PPK REO attended and recognized the economic and social significance of TotalCycle.


TotalCycle is an extension of the sustainable development of the Tver Polymer Recycling Plant (TPRP) within the EcoPartners group.

TotalCycle has expanded the recycling of PET and HDPE plastic packaging from 25,000 to 40,000 tons per year. From the recycled waste, TotalCycle produces secondary raw materials, PET flakes, and HDPE granules, as well as ready-to-use PET tape. As part of the expansion and modernization of the plant, they have also started producing food-grade PET flakes.
In addition to these popular recyclables, TotalCycle is working on an experimental recycling area for complex, multi-layer, and difficult-to-recycle packaging waste. This is a significant step towards building a closed-loop economy and minimizing the environmental impact of waste.

The facility follows the philosophy of zero waste, ensuring that complex polymer waste and production waste also receive a second life. Some waste is sent to the laboratory for research, while others are used to create finished products in an eco-craft workshop.
"We started investing in the construction of the plant in 2018, and to complete the project in 2021, we secured a loan from a Russian bank. TotalCycle will not only become the largest plastic waste recycling facility in Russia but also stand alongside key plastic recyclers worldwide. What makes our complex unique is that it combines large-scale production with a social eco-space, including a museum, recycling workshop, lecture hall, and sustainable packaging laboratory. We thank our partners who supported the launch of TotalCycle: SIBUR, Danaflex, the RusPRO Association, Ozon, and the Sborka eco-center," noted Gaurav Sood, the co-founder on the Indian side.
"To elevate the dialogue with all stakeholders involved in waste management to a new level, we closely cooperate with the regional operator for solid municipal waste management (TSAKH), the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Tver Region, environmental communities in Tver, the city administration, educational institutions, and other partners. It is especially gratifying that a project of this scale is localized in Tver, one of the first Russian cities to implement a separate waste collection system," commented Konstantin Rzaev, Managing Partner of EcoPartners Group.

Public Spaces

The total area of TotalCycle, exceeding 40,000 square meters, allows not only for large-scale production but also accommodates an experimental laboratory and public eco-spaces. These unique facilities, including the ZERO eco-museum, a craft workshop, and an eco-lecture hall, were created by EcoTechnologies (a part of the EcoPartners Group) with the support of SIBUR and other partners.

In these spaces dedicated to eco-education, visitors can learn about packaging and recycling, and even participate in the process. The doors are open to anyone interested in responsible consumption and nature conservation.

The ZERO eco-museum is dedicated to the plastics recycling industry and an eco-friendly lifestyle. The interactive exhibits make learning easier and more enjoyable. Visitors can compete in waste sorting, spin the wheel of eco-habits, visit a real zero-waste room, and "experience" all stages of plastic recycling.
The craft workshops are equipped with a wide range of equipment for both experiments and the production of small batches of products from plastic packaging waste. Here, you can participate in a masterclass and witness the closed-loop recycling process, from sorting secondary raw materials to creating new items.

TotalCycle's eco-lecture hall is designed for lectures, conferences, and educational events. The goal of the lecture hall is to create an open platform for ecological enlightenment and discussions on sustainable development and responsible consumption. Participants in these events will include representatives of the professional community and active proponents of an eco-friendly lifestyle.
On the factory premises and in public spaces, TotalCycle has implemented a system for separate waste collection, and the collected plastic waste is immediately sent for recycling. An innovative method of collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans on the factory grounds is the BottleBank fandomat, produced by the EcoPartners Group. By depositing recyclables into the BottleBank, users receive loyalty points known as BottleCoin.


The strategic partner of TotalCycle is SIBUR. In 2022, the company introduced an innovative polymer granule called Vivilen, which includes recycled plastic and is used for creating eco-friendly packaging in both the food and non-food segments. TotalCycle serves as one of the suppliers of recycled PET bottles (flakes) for the production of Vivilen granules.
Alexander Petrov, Member of the Board and CEO of SIBUR: "For SIBUR, the partnership with the TotalCycle plant is very significant. We expect that more than half of the high-quality PET flakes produced at the plant will be directed to our POLIEF plant to produce 'green' Vivilen rPET granules, which contain recycled plastic. These granules will be used to manufacture eco-friendly packaging for goods and beverages. I would like to highlight the educational and enlightening component of the new plant. The waste recycling museum, eco-craft workshop, and lecture hall, established in partnership with SIBUR, promote the right attitudes toward conscious consumption, engage people in the culture of separate waste collection, and emphasize the importance of reintegrating waste back into the cycle."
SIBUR, Danaflex, and the Association RusPRO, which unites major companies producing everyday consumer goods and food products, have helped equip the workshop with equipment that demonstrates how new items can be created from plastic and other types of packaging waste. The Sborka eco-center, a long-term partner of the EcoPartners Group in waste separation, collection for recycling, and educational events, contributed to the creation of the workshop's interior and content.

Ozon is the enlightenment partner of TotalCycle, and experts from the online retailer will conduct educational events in the lecture hall.
Mini-Film about TotalCycle

More About the Company

EcoPartners Group is a national expert in the waste management field with over 17 years of experience, being the largest Russian recycler of plastic packaging waste and one of the leading Russian manufacturers of equipment for sorting and recycling waste.

The group of companies includes TotalCycle (formerly Tver Polymer Recycling Plant) - a plant for recycling plastic waste, RzhevMash - a manufacturer of equipment for waste sorting and recycling, EcoTechnologies - an agency for implementing environmental projects for businesses, and BottleBank - fandomats for receiving packaging from the population.

TotalCycle marks an important milestone in the comprehensive development of a closed-loop economy in Russia, showcasing the combination of industrial expertise, an eco-social platform, and an educational environment. It is open to all those interested in a responsible way of life and sustainable development for their city, company, and family.