ECR and METRO, together with EcoTechnologies, released a lesson on sustainable packaging for fast food outlets

Member companies and partners of the ECR community shared their expertise and their own cases on sustainable packaging in video format. The speakers were representatives of ECR, METRO, Dodo Brands, Yandex, Coffee House, Vkusvill, EcoTechnologies, OPTICOM, Tasty and Dot and the ecological movement "RazDelniy Sbor". The lesson is available on the METRO Sustainability Academy platform.
Packaging for any product is one of the most important components that ensures the safety of the goods or products inside. According to the Ministry of Environment, packaging accounts for more than 50% of the country's municipal solid waste. Choosing an eco-friendly packaging option can save a significant portion of your budget as well as cause less harm to the environment. The new lesson reveals the concept of "sustainable packaging" itself, the criteria for its selection, as well as the practice of its use in companies in the HoReCa and retail segments. All players in the food preparation market will find useful knowledge. The lesson presents cases for the segment of fast food establishments, restaurants and delivery services.
Daria Sviridenko, ECR Sustainability Manager: "During the seminar on sustainable packaging for fast food outlets and restaurants, the authors and experts not only managed to present a large amount of useful information in a simple and practical way, but also proved once again that partnerships between companies for sustainable development allow to achieve high results faster and easier. The extended version of the seminar will be included in the educational block of the Voluntary Sustainable Packaging Standard.
Speakers from various business sectors participated in the creation of the video.

  • Daria Sviridenko, Head of ECR Sustainability, presented statistics on the involvement of Russians in the environmental agenda.
  • Nadezhda Vasyakina, Yandex's environmental consultant, spoke about the criteria for choosing sustainable packaging, which are described in detail in ECR's Voluntary Industry Standard for Sustainable Packaging, as well as Yandex Food's case studies.
  • Olga Stadnik, Head of Research at EcoTechLab, presented a step-by-step plan for implementing separate waste collection for fast food outlets and restaurants.
  • Anna Shchepilova, Head of Corporate and External Communications at METRO, spoke about the experience of interaction between suppliers and retail chains on packaging issues.
  • Vardan Vardanyan, the head of the ecological direction of Vkusvill, presented the results of the cases on the introduction of reusable containers in the delivery of rations and in the chain's own cafes.
  • Anna Morozova, Sustainability Manager at Dodo Brands, spoke about how to reduce the amount of packaging used in an institution using the example of pizza boxes.
  • Irina Korshunova, Senior Director of Sustainability at Vkusno i Dot, spoke about how to reduce the amount of packaging used in an establishment using the example of snack box packaging and switching to recyclable bags.
  • Irina Golovanova, former project manager of the Sustainable Development of Kofemania Restaurants project, presented the company's delivery solutions and ways of communicating with customers.
  • Kristina Nazarova, Head of Sustainability at OPTICOM, presented recycling services for used packaging.
Anna Shchepilova, Head of Corporate and External Communications at METRO "Sustainability Academy for SMEs is a free course of video tutorials created by METRO on how to make a business sustainable and benefit financially from it. The speakers are representatives of both large and small companies, as the program was created primarily for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. The new lesson on packaging brings together practices to reduce, rethink and reuse packaging. It's one of the most affordable ways to move your business toward greater sustainability and see a positive impact on your budget.
View the lesson at the link.
For instructions on how to organize separate waste collection in a restaurant, read our overview.