Separate Waste Collection 2023

Cycle parks made from recycled aerosol cans

In early 2022, a joint project of the Perekryostok retail chain, Unilever in Russia and the EcoTechnologies team started collecting aerosol cans in 20 retail outlets in St. Petersburg.

After sorting, the aluminum bottles of deodorants, hairspray and other similar products are sent for recycling. During the whole time of the project about 850 kilograms of bottles were collected, 380 of which were used for making bicycle parking lots near supermarkets in St. Petersburg [1]. The production of one bike park required about 50 kilograms of raw materials, that is about 950 aerosol cans. The rest of the collected raw materials will also be recycled into useful infrastructure elements.

«The Perekryostok team and our customers always support initiatives that promote concious consumption and use of resources. We understand that as much used materials as possible should be sent not to landfills, but to recycling,» - Andrey Kalmykov, Managing Director of the federal retail chain «Perekryostok».

«Unilever's portfolio includes such brands as Axe, Dove, and Rexona, whose deodorants are also produced in aluminum cans. We strive to conserve as much raw material as possible in a closed loop and are happy that we have the opportunity to send at least some aluminum to the downcycling of bicycle parking lots. Aluminum scrap (recycled material) requires about 5% of the production energy that would be used to make packaging from primary aluminum. Thus, the neutralization and remelting of aluminum reduces its carbon footprint and gives a second life to our products,» - Anastasia Novak, project manager for sustainable development of Unilever in Russia and Belarus.

[1] Bolshevikov Ave. 1, lit. A 32 (2 bicycle parking lots)
Komendantsky Prospekt, 33
Karbyshev St., lit. A, 9
4th Verkhny Alley, lit. B 1A
Prospekt Prosveshchenie, Bldg. 1, lit. A d. 60 (2 bicycle parking lots)
Leninsky Prospekt, Bldg. 1, lit. A 94