Konstantin Rzaev assessed the prospects of installing fandomats in schools

The Russian Environmental Operator (RÉO) has sent a letter to the Ministry of Education of Russia proposing to install fandomats in schools across the country. These machines would be used to collect plastic bottles and aluminum cans for recycling.
Fandomats work excellently to promote waste separation, and the youth audience is considered the most grateful ambassadors of change, according to Konstantin Rzaev, the founder and managing partner of EcoPartners.
"Investments in environmental awareness are undoubtedly strategically important, and for sponsors, it is both an effective way to reach their target audience and fulfill their social responsibility," he noted in his comment to the Vedomosti newspaper.
The company EcoTechnologies, a part of the EcoPartners Group, is developing one of the largest networks of fandomats, called BottleBank, in the country, which consists of over 200 fandomates in 30 cities. The extensive installation of fandomats in schools can be successful if it is supported by three crucial conditions: education (eco-lessons), high-quality technical maintenance, and a reward system. "For example, in our BottleBank fandomat network, we are developing a loyalty program: bonus points from partners are credited for returned packaging, and over 30% of these incentives are then monetized," added Konstantin Rzaev.

However, the cost of the collected packaging does not cover the expense of installing fandomats – on average, one such machine costs 300,000 to 400,000 rubles. According to the expert, for the economic aspect of the project to be successful, it is necessary to introduce a deposit mechanism for the cost of containers. This will help in collecting more recyclable waste and instill environmental responsibility from an early age.

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