Conferences 2024

Konstantin Rzaev gave a presentation at the PET 2024 conference

The conference "PET 2024" dedicated to the pricing policy of the recycling industry, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and recycling took place on March 1. Among the participants were representatives of ROP, Sibur-Polylab, Ecoline, the Union of Plastics Processors and other companies in the industry.
Konstantin Rzaev, co-founder and managing partner of EcoPartners Group of Companies, presented a report "Recycling of secondary PET in Russia - how to live - February 2024":

  • The main factors affecting the recycling market today;

  • Rising prices for recyclable materials, recycling services and final value of the product;

  • Expansion of the list of goods that can be recycled (more demand for plastic);

  • Increasing transparency and civilization of the industry due to the desire to earn money with eco-collection.

According to Konstantin Rzayev, not all changes in the "ROP converter" could be defended. Some traditional processors have become maximum producers of secondary raw materials, but not all types of consumer products were included in the "converter". By the end of May, the industry expects a clear mechanism to promote the use of secondary raw materials in the production of packaging.