Conferences 2021

Took part in Inc. Tomorrow podcast

The Inc. Tomorrow podcast "The benefits of plastic, the economic benefits of green investments and other facets of the eco-future" was released on August 25. Ekaterina Shipilova, manager for the implementation of eco-projects at EcoTechnologies, and Anastasia Ivanova, head of the department of business communications and sustainable development of BAT in the region of Russia, Central Asia, Belarus, dealt with the sensitive issues of the environmental agenda.

You can listen to the podcast here.

“In general, people lack awareness. There are many players in the "garbage" market, but few are engaged in thorough environmental education. A terrible dream of a Moscow citizen: he sorts waste, puts it in different containers, and then it goes in one garbage truck. In fact, one machine picks up recyclable materials, the other - the rest of the waste, and this is the norm. It's just that many do not realize that a dual collection system has been implemented in Moscow: all recyclable materials are collected together and go to the sorting point. There you need to separate the useful fractions, remove the excess and then hand over for processing. The system is working. If you do not have access to approved collection points, you can drop off your recyclables in a designated bin near your home. " - Ekaterina Shipilova