Recycling Workshops at Tver citywide celebrations

During the city celebrations in Tver that happened in the weekend of July 15-16, Tver Polymers Recycling Plant (TPRP) and EcoTechnologies collaborated to organize eco-educational events, aimed at engaging citizens in waste separation and showcasing the recycling process.
On July 15, at the opening of the Street Basketball Center, a sports festival took place with a recycling workshop by Sibur. EcoTechnologies collected plastic bottles for recycling, while the TPRP team set up equipment for creating items from recycled plastic. Visitors engaged in activities such as shredding bottle caps using a bike shredder, making keychains with an injector, and crafting figures with a 3D pen.

During the City Day celebration on July 16, TPRP's eco-gift workshop attracted children and adults at Victory Park. The bike shredder was the universal favorite, allowing participants to create recycled plastic keychains shaped like hearts with "Tver" inscribed on them. Citizens brought plastic caps for recycling and deposited bottles into the BottleBank fandomat by EcoTechnologies. Additionally, a series of workshops with a 3D pen took place.