Environmental Education 2021

Internships at EcoTechnologies

In June, the EcoTechnologies team was replenished with trainees from the Letovo private school and the State University of Management.

A 9th grade graduate of the Letovo boarding school joined us for an internship. During a short-term internship, our ward plunged into the work processes of the team, studied interesting cases on solutions in packaging, worked on the issues of making useful products from recycled materials and got acquainted with the profession in the field of sustainable development.

Students from the State University of Management plunged into project work for two weeks, during which they faced in practice with many different tasks and questions:

• Why do you need a barcode on used packaging?
• What environmental equipment can be found in the park?
• How much garbage can be collected on the river bank in Tver?
• what are modern digital technologies in crop production?
• what do neural networks and digitalization give to the agricultural sector?

Our interns are trained in the same department as the managing partner of EcoPartners Group Konstantin Rzayev during their studies at the State University of Management: the internship has become a link between the university and a possible future career in the field of sustainable development.

EcoTechnologies welcomes the interest of young people in environmental issues not only in everyday life, but also in the framework of vocational guidance and future careers. We are thanking our young colleagues for the help and hope that the new experience will be remembered and will help them to take a fresh look at the relationship between men and the environment!