Conferences 2024

The conference "The Second Life of Plastics 2024" will be held on March 12-13 with the participation of EcoPartners

The third practical conference "The Second Life of Polymer Materials" will be held in a regional format in Tver, on the territory of the new processing plant TotalCycle. The event is dedicated to polymer recycling, management and technological solutions of the industry enterprises, as well as coverage of legal and regulatory issues.
Experts-practitioners on all key issues of the recycling market are invited to participate: government strategy and international partnership, regional experience, modern technologies, innovations and engineering, economics and financing.

  • Polymer Materials Magazine
  • EcoPartners Group of Companies
  • Industrial events agency "H-Media".

Main topics of the business program:
  • Current state and development vectors of the market in 2024;
  • Public and private support measures for the secondary polymer industry;
  • Implementation of the concept of closed-loop economy (the Tver region as an example);
  • Practices and issues in the application of the new ROP provisions: Converters, Register of Disposers, Ecosbor;
  • New technological developments to increase the efficiency of the cycle: waste collection/sorting/preparation/recycling;
  • Innovations in the recycling equipment market;
  • Methods and technologies to improve the quality of recyclate;
  • Potential markets for secondary raw materials.

The speakers from EcoPartners Group of Companies will be:
  • Konstantin Rzaev, co-founder and managing partner of EcoPartners Group of Companies. Russian market of secondary polymer raw materials in 2024: status, problems and prospects.
  • Ravil Fehretdinov, R&D Director, EcoTechnologies (EcoPartners Group of Companies). Practice and possibilities of recycling of complex types of packaging.

During the conference, on the second day, technical visits to regional enterprises - TotalCycle and Sibur-PETF plants - will be organized.

Detailed information and registration at the official website.