Reverse Vending Machines 2023

The Record-Breaking Fandomate in Norilsk

In February 2023 alone, the customers in the Centre for Youth Development in Norilsk brought in a total of 3238 plastic bottles, the most for any Russian city.

In November 2022, we set up a fandomate for collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans in Norilsk in collaboration with the Project Center for Arctic development. The project under the name of Make Plastics Work has been around for several years now and has helped Norilsk citizens make an input into the development of separate waste collection. We, on our part, are extremely happy to observe the way citizens take care of the ecology in their town.

There are bonus points as a reward for bringing in packaging, and they can be exchanged for eco-friendly products from the Make Plastics Work project – cups, books, blankets among others.

The second place in the received bottle volume went to Kronstadt with 3027 units.