Olga Stadnik shares a recycler's perspective on ROP in Solid Waste magazine

Olga Stadnik, head of the EcoTechLab research center, wrote an article for Solid Waste magazine. In it, the expert analyzed the state and trends of the recycling industry in 2024.
The main change for the industry is the introduction of the updated Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) mechanism.
"Whatever these changes may be, the mere fact of their approval is a great relief for the industry, which has been in limbo without the possibility of medium and long-term planning since 2020, when the concept of EPR was approved after long discussions."
On the positive side, the list of goods subject to recycling has also been extended.

However, some decisions did not meet the expectations of recyclers. For example, collection and recycling rates (the percentage of packaging that must be recycled) did not increase as much. Polymer recyclers were required to join the Register of Recyclers and submit reports, while the fees for their services increased insignificantly.