Conferences 2021

Took part in the Purina conference "We are your friends"

On June 10, we took part in the III All-Russian conference of the school educational program Purina "We are your friends".

The aim of the program is to improve and enrich the lives of young owners and their pets. It teaches children how to communicate with a pet, how to understand its behavior, take care of it. The program was developed jointly with the Institute for the Study of Childhood, Family and Upbringing of the Russian Academy of Education with the participation of the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology and the International Charitable Foundation for Helping Animals "Giving Hope".

Alena Antipenkova, curator of environmental education at EcoTechnologies, shared environmental advice during the session “What can I do to help nature”. Together with the head of the Purina educational programs department, Alexandra Makeeva, we discussed how to return the food packaging for recycling, how to clean up after a pet on a walk eco-friendly and why to sort waste at home.

By caring for the environment and keeping nature clean, we create a safe future for people and animals. We are confident that new knowledge and skills will help children become caring owners for their pets and responsible inhabitants of our planet in the future.