Conferences 2024

Olga Stadnik will present a webinar on sustainable packaging at RosUpack Connect on April 18

On April 18 at 11:00 a free webinar "Sustainable packaging in the context of ROP 2024" will be held on the RosUpack Connect platform. The expert will be Olga Stadnik, head of the EcoTechLab research center.
Webinar program:

  • What packaging is traditionally considered sustainable?
  • What are the legislative aspects of packaging sustainability in Russia?
  • How does the new ROP affect the choice of packaging and how is it related to its sustainability?
  • What are the risks of banning non-sustainable packaging?
  • "Secondary" in packaging - what are the limitations and incentives for its use?
  • Characteristics of labels and self-declarations on packaging in the context of sustainability - how to avoid the trap of greenwashing?
Olga Stadnik is a sustainability expert with over 4 years of experience in sustainable packaging and over 10 years in polymer packaging, member of the working group of the ECR Voluntary Standard for Sustainable Packaging. Olga has conducted 5 ECR waste management compliance campaigns for 10+ major manufacturers and importers of goods and packaging.

Register for the event by clicking here.