Reverse Vending Machines 2021

BottleBank ™ Flow Lite at Retail TECH in Moscow

On April 22-23, the Retail TECH exhibition was held in Moscow. This event brings together retail market participants to discuss technology and innovation. The strategic partner of the business program was the Magnit company, in whose stores the project “Give plastic a second life” is being implemented together with Procter & Gamble.

Within the framework of the project, more than 50 reverse vending machines of various models for receiving plastic have already been installed, and there are plans to install 80 more devices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. It is easy to find the addresses of the device services on the map of our website

One of the machines was brought to participate in the exhibition and accept plastic packaging waste from the Retail TECH guests. The BottleBank ™ Flow Lite is a lightweight version of the pressless machine. The device is designed to be installed in a system, has a fast packaging acceptance (~ 3 sec. For one bottle) and holds up to 400 objects.