Separate Waste Collection 2022

Launch of an EcoPoint in Novosibirsk

The project has been brought to life by ‘EcoTechnologies’ and ‘Tiger-Siberia’ group of companies as part of ‘Separate With Us’ project. The businesses joined forces to set up a convenient facility for every citizen to give up waste for recycling.

The EcoPoint takes in all of the widespread recyclables types: beverage bottles, flasks from household chemicals and cosmetics, plastic bags, aluminum and tin cans, glass, cardboard & tetrapak packaging. The plastics must have a 1 PET, 2 HDPE or 4 LDPE marking.
The packaging should be prepared for recycling beforehand, which means sorted by fractions, cleared from food and beverage remains. For those who are just now embarking on their waste separation journey, there is a thorough manual at the EcoPoint.

The facility can be found under the following address: Primorskaya Street, 20a, Magnit-Bulk parking lot and functions 24 hours a day.

The launch event takes place on Saturday, April 30. From 12 to 4 PM the team will be expecting for everyone wishing to give up packaging for recycling. During launch day, there will also be facilitators who can explain the general rules of separate waste collection and assist with taking in the waste. For the first 50 guests, the organizers and partners have prepared gifts.

The event will be attended by Novosibirsk city government, as well as ambassadors of event sponsors. Magnit will talk about their Sustainable Development Strategy, while EcoTechnologies and Tiger Siberia will share the details of the project strategy and the general state of waste recycling in Russia.

The first waste takeout from the EcoPoint will take place the next day after the launch event. Tiger Siberia is the waste handling partner of the project, having a solid experience in the industry. After additional sorting, the scrap from EcoPoint goes on to be pressed and sent to recycling plants.