Conferences 2021

EcoPartners at the «Clean Country» Exhibition and Forum

On March 16-18, the International Forum and Exhibition "Clean Country" was held in support of the national project "Ecology". EcoPartners Group of Companies offered visitors and partners comprehensive and innovative programs in the field of cyclical economy and sustainable development. Feel like a visitor to the exhibition and get to know our reverse vending machine (1:58) by watching the video.

Our business units were presented at the stand:
Tver Polymer Recycling Plant with processing of more than 25,000 plastic packaging waste from different regions of the country - from Kamchatka to Krasnodar. Today TPRP is included in the territorial scheme of the Tver region for waste management as a recycler of plastic waste.

RZHEVMASH plant, where waste sorting complexes, waste handling stations, presses, screens and containers for waste collection are developed and manufactured. RZHEVMASH is a holder of grants from the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the development and import substitution production of equipment for pressing SMW.

The BottleBank ™ reverse vending machines have become a real center of attraction for visitors and journalists. Together with our partner The Green Dog, we are developing the largest network of reverse vending machines with a unique smart pressing system. Today our devices are installed in retail chains, offices, and filling gas stations in 9 cities of Russia.