Reverse Vending Machines 2021

Chatted about reverse vending machines at Trash Economy

Konstantin Rzayev, Managing Partner of EcoPartners Group, took part in a conversation on the Trash Economy Telegram channel «Do we need reverse vending machines?». During the conversation, specialists from the recycling industry discussed the advantages and potential for the development of a global network of reverse vending machines in Russia.

«How are reverse vending machines different from simple mesh containers? It is obvious. The reverse vending machines have an interactive screen with which they can explain why the package is returned and where it will go next. We ourselves have been producing mesh containers for the fifth year already, we have delivered more than 20,000 of them throughout Russia. They work pretty well. But not everyone believes that a bottle left there unattended will reach the sorting and, moreover, the recycler. The reverse vending machine, from the point of view of the population, guarantees that the packaging goes to the processor. Indeed, from all our reverse vending machines — from Sberbank in Khabarovsk to Tatneft filling stations - we carry out the export ourselves and guarantee that everything will go to our plant.

We, Ecopartners Group and Green Dog, have created a manufacturer of reverse vending machines, BottleBank ™, and we buy them from ourselves. Each of the hundreds of projects is unique. For retail, this is, albeit small, additional traffic (or not a decrease in traffic). Perhaps a way to advertise your own brands through a reverse vending machine. Plus, there was an insistent request from the government to retailers to also participate in the collection of packaging. »

The full text of the conversation can be found here.