Reverse Vending Machines 2022

Serpukhov fandomate is ranking high in popularity

The fandomat accept plastic beverage bottles (PET) and plastic bottles from household chemicals (HDPE) of up to 2 liters.

Two months later, we are glad to sum up the first results. Serpukhov citizens turned out to be environmentally conscious – the fandomat has collected over 400 bottles! They will soon be sent for recycling and get a new life. The fandomat is located at 111 Sovetskaya St., Atlas mall, Serpukhov.
The machine is a part of our BotttleCoin system. The BottleCoin system allows you to receive points for returning packages to fandomats. 1 bottle = 1 BottleCoin = 1 ruble. The points can be exchanged to affiliate remuneration. In two months the visitors of the Atlas shopping center received 354 BottleCoins by handing in empty packaging from beverages and household chemicals.