Environmental Education Conferences 2023

Clean Education for a Clean Country

A three-day forum called Clean Country took place in Skolkovo.

On March 3, Nina Ilyina, who is the curator of our eco-awareness program, and other experts discussed the issues and solutions regarding the ecology education for kids and adults.

The session involved looking over various strategies, tactics and practical technologies of performing the thematic education in responsible consumption and production. Invited to participate were experts who work in schools, universities, and other continuous education institutions for adults.

We shared our vast experience in eco-education of kids and adults alike: the RusPro projects for school students, university lectures regarding separate waste collection and sustainable fashion, employee training aimed at more eco-aware approach to projects, and many others. You can read more about our educational endeavors in the education section.

Over five thousand people attended the international forum, witnessing announcements of major events in the ecology sphere that any Russian citizen will be able to participate in.