Separate Waste Collection 2023

G-Drive and EcoTechnologies work together to Collect Recyclables at the Silk Way rally

A collaboration between the high-tech motor fuel brand G-Drive and EcoTechnologies (a part of the EcoPartners group dedicated to developing the circular economy in Russia), aimed to address waste generated during the legendary Silk Road rally.
The collection points were strategically placed to facilitate the sorting of waste by participants, with expert project curators conducting eco-educational activities in the technical zones of the rally.

After the rally, the collected recyclables would be sent to regional licensed plants to be used in production of synthetic fibers, insulation materials from plastic, construction materials, and aluminum bicycles.

In addition to the recycling project, rally participants would contribute to the already traditional "Green is the New Black" initiative, collecting used tires during the Silk Road. The collected tires would be sent to the Dmitrov Rubber Technical Institute (Moscow region) to be recycled into rubber crumb, used, among other things, to create surfaces for sports grounds.
Yana Belyakova, Head of the Marketing Department of the Regional Sales Directorate at Gazprom Neft, commented on the initiative:

“Together with the organizers and athletes of the Silk Road, we aim not only to create a spectacular motorsport competition but also to draw attention to the importance of developing environmental culture. For the second year, the rally teams, with our assistance, have been contributing their worn-out race tires for recycling. We hope that the competition’s participants will support our new environmental initiative for collecting packaging."
Natalia Ponomaryova, Head of Environmental Projects at EcoTechnologies, added:

"Large events inevitably leave an ecological footprint. For the Silk Road, we will strive to reduce this impact and assist in establishing infrastructure for separate waste collection to facilitate their future recycling. Environmental education plays a crucial role in achieving our goals: it will help us gather more high-quality recyclables and educate a broad audience about waste separation, fostering habits that can be adopted in the future."
The "Silk Road" marathon is the largest off-road rally competition in Eurasia. In 2023, the rally with 98 participating teams will cover 13 regions of Russia and stretch over 5,200 kilometers, starting in Kazan, passing through the Urals, and finishing in Moscow.

G-Drive, present at Gazprom Neft fuel stations, offers a range of high-tech fuels providing professional engine protection. The brand also operates cafes and produces various products for motorists under the G-Drive label, including nutritional products and coffee.

G-Drive consistently supports sports events, teams, and athletes in Russia, uniting the sports community to address critical environmental issues. G-Drive also aids in implementing ecological practices in major sports events and shaping models of responsible behavior among motorists, athletes, and sports enthusiasts.

EcoPartners, a group of companies with over 17 years of experience in waste recycling, includes TPRP (Tver Polymers Recycling Plant), RzhevMash (equipment manufacturer for waste sorting and recycling), EcoTechnologies (agency for implementing environmental projects for businesses), and BottleBank (fandomates (vending machines) for receiving packaging from the public).