2021 Separate Waste Collection

Waste collection for recycling in AZIMUT hotels

In March 2020, SIBUR and AZIMUT Hotels launched a joint environmental project “Plastic is not a Waste”. EcoTechnologies took part in the assessment of the recyclability of packaging and products and the possibility of implementing the project in the regions. Sphere of Ecology provides plastic collection from three Moscow hotels. Tver Polymer Recycling Plant acts as a partner-processor.

The goal of the project is to develop the recycling of hotel accessories for guests and reduce the overall amount of waste. Today, bottles, cosmetic accessories and packaging from them are sent for recycling in 10 hotels of the AZIMUT chain in Russia. Guests are asked not to throw plastic products in the wastebasket and leave them on the sink - they are collected and transferred to recycling facilities.

In 2020, more than 3.6 tons of plastic were collected in the AZIMUT hotels. Almost 3 tons of waste was processed at our Tver Polymer Recycling Plant.

According to a survey, 90% of AZIMUT Hotels guests support the initiative of both companies in the implementation of this project, and 74% of them have already taken part in the project and left empty bottles on the sink to be handed over for recycling.

Shampoo, shower gel and lotion bottle caps are made using recycled plastic. Further plans of the joint project include the development of the use of hotel supplies made from recycled plastic and the expansion of the range of products from more environmentally friendly materials.

Manufacturers of hotel accessories also expressed their readiness to support the environmental initiative of SIBUR and AZIMUT. The Trade Comfort company plans to start test production of shoehorns and sponges, combs, toothbrushes from secondary pellets, the formula of which was developed by SIBUR.

In most of the AZIMUT hotels, cosmetics dispensers in the rooms are available for guests to choose from. However, during the pandemic, having individual packaging for guest accessories has become critical to the safety of guests, which is why it is so important to properly manage and recycle the waste generated, where plastic is not garbage, but the raw material for new products.