Conferences 2024

The conference "The Second Life of Polymer Materials" at TotalCycle gathered 100 participants

The III practical conference "The Second Life of Polymer Materials" organized by the magazine "Polymer Materials", EcoPartners Group of Companies, Russian Union of Chemists and industrial events agency H-Media took place on March 12-13 in Tver at the TotalCycle industrial complex for processing of polymer waste.
The business program included 26 industry reports, and the event itself brought together more than 100 leading specialists and industry experts from 21 regions of Russia to discuss current issues in the processing and recycling of polymer materials.

Konstantin Rzaev, co-founder and managing partner of EcoPartners Group of Companies, and Ravil Fehretdinov, R&D Director of EcoTechnologies, spoke at the business program.
Konstantin Rzaev spoke about the prospects of the Russian market for secondary raw materials:

  • More channels for collecting packaging waste are becoming available.

  • Manufacturers and retailers are becoming more environmentally conscious.

  • Plastic is starting to compete with other materials for which recycling standards have not increased.

  • Composite packaging can be a big challenge for recyclers.
Ravil Fehretdinov presented the achievements of the EcoTechLab research center: how non-standard packaging and waste were used to produce pellets for new products and how new recycling technologies were found.

A video report was released at the end of the conference.
On the sidelines of the conference, Konstantin Rzaev gave an interview about the industry results of 2023 and TotalCycle's plans for 2024. "Waste management is a task for all parties. The state, the investment community, the population and those who work in this market."
The second day of the conference was dedicated to a tour of the TotalCycle plant, where participants were able to visualize the polymer waste recycling process and familiarize themselves with the production of secondary raw materials.