Reverse Vending Machines 2022

Fandomats in the Leningrad region with PPK REO

Automated machines for packaging from the public were installed in the towns of Kronstadt, Murino and Kudrovo. 

Fandomats take plastic bottles and aluminum cans. In order to hand packaging over, you need to put an empty container in the receiving window with the barcode up - the fandomat will scan the barcode on the label and weigh the package. All collected packaging will be re-sorted, transferred for recycling and reused. 

For one returned packaging the user can get one bonus point on the VkusVill loyalty card. Points can be used to pay for up to 100% of purchases in all stores of the VkusVill retail chain and delivery. 

The fandomats are located at:
- 16 Lenin Avenue, Kronstadt
- 11/1 Baltic Aviators Avenue, Murino
- 8 Europe Avenue, Kudrovo.