Recycling Plant 2024

RosUpack Connect Film Showcases EcoTechnologies' Collaboration with TotalCycle

The RosUpack Connect film crew visited TotalCycle's recycling plant to ask experts questions and show the business community how plastic packaging recycling works.
Ravil Fehretdinov, R&D Director, and Nina Ilyina, Sustainability and Environmental Education Specialist, explained the environmental projects that EcoTechnologies is implementing with the TotalCycle plant in the area of sustainable development.
EcoTechnologies is often asked to evaluate the recyclability of packaging. The Sustainable Packaging Laboratory, based on the recycling workshop at TotalCycle, tests even the most complex, non-standard packaging and turns it into new products.

The ZERO Museum at TotalCycle showcases the best eco-educational practices collected by the EcoTechnologies team over the years. The main goal of the eco-museum is to educate visitors to the plant about the most important fundamentals of a green lifestyle.