Recycling Plant 2021

Conducted an excursion to TPRP for Richemont employees

On August 24, we conducted an introductory tour of the Tver Recycled Polymer Plant for Richemont employees and their children. The guests got acquainted with the main production facilities of the plant, the territory and plunged into the process of polymer processing. The head of the press service of the plant Natalya Popova told the tourists about the technologies for processing PET bottles, HDPE bottles and caps.

An excursion to the TPRP will serve as material for the film: high school students shoot a documentary about the sorting of waste at all Richemont facilities. The final episode of filming was a visit to our enterprise, where many of the company's wastes are recycled.

We are looking forward to the results of their work, which we will definitely share.