Conferences 2021

We are at a business breakfast "Sochi - the city of opportunities."

As part of the Year of Youth, the Council of Young Deputies of the city of Sochi and the Youth Council under the head of the city of Sochi prepared and held a second business breakfast "Sochi - the city of opportunities". The event was dedicated to the discussion of the ecological program "Eco-Sochi", initiated by the deputy of the Sochi City Council Anna Nevzorova, the chairman of the territorial group of deputies of the Sochi City Council in the Central District of Sochi.

We took part in the meeting as a recycler, supplier of reverse vending machines and equipment for separate waste collection. On behalf of the EcoTechnology company, the meeting was attended by the manager of environmental projects Elena Sotnezova.

Anna Nevzorova presented the Eco-Sochi program, which consists of three steps:
Separate collection of recyclable materials with the assistance of the eco-asset of the Youth Council, the Council of schoolchildren, the student asset, and all eco-activists, as well as with the involvement of the experience of private investors and processors of raw materials.

Anna Nevzorova said that the first recycle vending machines for the collection of plastic bottles will be installed on the beaches of Mayak and Riviera, that all enterprises operating in these territories will be recommended to switch from plastic containers to a natural alternative, that the beaches will separate waste collection and begin to abandon plastic in everything.

The second important step of the program is eco-education. The deputy said that the first lessons with the participation of eco-activists have already begun in the Zavokzalny district in schools 13 and 14. And that for these educational institutions, eco-bins for separate waste reception and special storage tanks were purchased.

The third step required for the ecology of the resort is the transition from plastic to natural, recyclable materials. Erik Grinenko, General Director of the Natural Materials plant, made a speech. The plant is the only one in Russia that produces 100% natural containers and already covers the needs of retail in the Moscow region. Olga Ozhegova, a representative of the North Caucasus branch of X5, announced that after May 4, Pyaterochka chains will supply 25 fandomats in Sochi and begin purchasing packages of corn raw materials.

As a result of the meeting, a program of joint events of the Council of Young Deputies, the Youth Council of Sochi, the Volunteer movement with the Association of Sochi Processors was formed - actions, subbotniks, eco-lessons, and other activities that contribute to the promotion of the Eco-Sochi program.