#NEMUSEYMUSORA opening in Moscow

On June 29, the grand opening of the branch of the All-Russian eco-cultural project #NEMUSEYMUSORA in Moscow took place. The event was attended by the project manager of the EcoTechnologies company Victoria Safonova. The broadcast of the opening can be viewed via link.

The project began in Yekaterinburg, where #NEMUSEYMUSORA has been working for two years. During this time, they managed to implement dozens of social, educational and partnership projects. The activists transferred for processing about 1,000 tons of recyclable materials, conducted more than 5,000 educational excursions for children and adults.

Yekaterinburg passed the environmental marathon to Moscow: a new space was opened at 2 Varshavskoe shosse (Tulskaya metro station). More than 10 interactive objects are located on an area of ​​800 square meters. They reflect the history of garbage, present unique displays and spaces that immerse guests in different options for our common future.

The heart of the site is the separate collection ospot, where more than 20 different fractions are accepted. The ecomuseum of fashion by designer Arthur Brazhe, a cyclic organic waste recycling farm, the plastic sea of ​​2050 and much more are also located here. All locations and more than 400 exhibits from around the world create an overall picture that conveys the main value of the project: sustainable life can be simple and beautiful.

As part of the opening, #NEMUSEYMUSORA held a show of raincoats made of recycled plastic and a customizing workshop from designer Artur Brazhe, and also raised the difficult issue of clothing recycling in Russia. In the course of an open conversation, converters spoke out on this topic and presented charitable foundations.

Together with #NEMUSEYMUSORA, we are preparing several large-scale projects for launch in Yekaterinburg. So far, this is a secret, but we will definitely let you know when our ideas come true!