Conferences 2021

Telling about trends in packaging for PRODEXPO-2021

On April 12, the PRODEXPO-2021 exhibition began. Within the framework of the All-Russian Practical Conference MODERN FOOD PACKAGING 2021, we shared our expertise with manufacturers of food products and packaging for them in the framework of the report “Cyclic Economy for Food Packaging in Russia: Current State and Trends”.

One of the key trends for food packaging in Russia today is the course towards its sustainability and cyclicality. Today recyclable packaging, packaging with the addition of recyclable materials is a wish and recommendation, but very soon the requirements for sustainability may become a must-have both on the part of the consumer and on the part of the state.

It is important for manufacturers to work now on issues of eco-design, recyclability and simplification of the packaging of their products, without falling into the trap of "greenwashing". This will become one of the components of the success of any brand in the very near future.